v1.4.2 (13 December 2023)

- Fixed all reported issues in the previous version

v1.4.1 (10 December 2023)

- Added MoneyPoolCash payment system
- Introduced YooKassa payment system for RF (Russian Federation)
- Enabled owners of paid profiles to make any post free of charge
- Admin now has the ability to disable the content monetization system
- Integrated iDrive S3 cloud storage system
- Admin can now customize the bank transfer method icon, assign a bank logo, and specify the bank name
- Added an SEO banner for site links to ensure proper loading where there is no image
- Empowered administrators to appoint moderators with limited rights
- Fixed the issue with uploading images in webp format
- Admin now have the option to disable user wallet system
- Improved the design and display of various elements
- Resolved the problem with negative numbers in the user wallet
- Introduced Japanese language support
- Implemented a commission deducting system for authors when others subscribe to their paid profiles
- Added optimization for image quality, adjustable through the admin panel
- Enhanced the avatar generation system for new users
- Users can now send videos in chats
- Addressed user registration system issues
- Users can now indicate links to social networks in their profiles
- Added CoinPayments system for payments

v1.3.7,v1.3.8,v1.3.9, v1.4.0 (October 2023)

- Fixed all reported issues in the previous version

v1.3.6 (31 August 2023)

- Added the ability for users to pin posts at the top of their profile page
- Implemented a feature to ban the usage of explicit language in posts through the admin panel
- Introduced the ability for admins to pin any post at the top of all user feeds
- Enhanced the image display system for posts using smart grids
- Enabled voice message functionality within chats
- Display the number of people who have voted for a poll in posts
- Users can now remove options from polls after creating them
- Admins can upload logos and favicons through the admin panel
- Users can stop poll voting at any time
- Users can specify a budget for their advertisements
- Admins can choose users for auto-following, so new users will automatically follow the selected ones
- Improved version of the progress bar for post uploads (images, videos, etc.)
- Added support for remote storage of media files via Wasabi S3
- Integrated Google Vision API's image filtering feature
- Introduced content monetization through paid subscriptions
- Implemented donation collection system through posts
- Added user verification option when purchasing premium accounts
- Added an "Accept Request" button in notifications for subscription requests
- Fixed the issue related to selecting user country
- Admins can view the count of verified users in the admin dashboard
- Users can now withdraw funds from their wallets
- Users will be notified of incoming transfers from other users
- Resolved "Read more" function issue in publication texts
- Integrated OneSignal for push notifications
- Fixed input problem in messages (shift+enter instead of just enter)
- Enhanced visual elements of the UI design system
- Improved display of default avatars generated based on usernames
- Integrated a new and improved popup notification display system
- Enhanced user interaction with UI script components
- Added the option to see user online indicators, but users also can disable this feature for their accounts, so no one ca know when they are online
- Removed the trending section for performance improvement
- Admins can edit static pages through the admin panel
- Updated and improved the admin panel, replaced outdated technologies and icons
- Added a system to display recommended posts on the homepage, which users can toggle on/off
- Introduced the ability to disable certain features in the post box, like images upload system, videos upload system and the rest
- Implemented a verification system for purchase codes during installation and updates
- Added support for the latest PHP versions (v8.x and above)
- Improved design and all script components and interactive elements
- Resolved all known issues from previous versions

v1.3.5 (07 January 2023)

- [Added] the ability to collapse/expand long text
- [Added] the ability to show the number of online users in the admin panel
- [Added] ability to download audio files
- [Added] ability to disable non-binary genders like: Other or They
- [Fixed] a bug with the translation of the text on the authorization page
- [Fixed] a bug with the premium settings option link on the account settings page
- [Fixed] the algorithm for displaying posts so that too old posts are not shown
- [Fixed] a bug with login through social networks
- [Fixed] issue with duplicate posts on homepage

v1.3.4 (28 December 2023)

-[Added] the ability to replenish the wallet by bank transfer
-[Added] the ability to cancel an affiliate withdrawal request
-[Added] the ability to transfer money earned through the affiliate program to the user's main wallet
-[Added] the ability to disable the API from the admin panel
-[Added] the ability to transfer money from a user's wallet to another user
-[Added] ability to disable guest page from admin
-[Added] placeholder for the video poster if there is no preview
-[Added] username restriction system from admin panel
-[Added] the ability to connect custom CSS and JS code to the site, for those who want to change something in the display
-[Improved] the login page for a new improved layout
-[Improved] the input tag of the message entry form to Textarea so that the user can type on a new line
-[Added] a new player for videos https://plyr.io/
-[Added] the ability to leave the last name field empty, that is, make it optional
-[Added] the ability to download videos. This feature can be disabled or enabled by the admin
-[Added] a new player to play audio files
-[Added] the ability to upload audio files
-[Added] the ability to upload document files
-[Added] Indian bank RazorPay
-[Added] the ability to login through other social networks like Vkontakte, Instagram, Discord, LinkedIn
-[Added] a premium system that allows you to disable ads (And many upcoming features that will be released soon) for a paid subscription
-[Added] ability for admin to delete user account from their profile page dropdown menu
-[Added] ability for admin to block user account from their profile page
-[Added] RTL languages support
-[Fixed] Bug on swift description with large text
-[Fixed] the bug with the translation of the names of months in dates
-[Fixed] bugs with sending mail that caused mail clients like Google to mark emails as spam
-[Fixed] problem with displaying links from social networks and websites
-[Fixed] Google Ads bug with dark theme

v1.3.3 (19 May 2022)

- [Fixed] Bug on swift description with large text
- [Fixed] Bug on modal windows scrollbar
- [Fixed] Bug on affiliate page placeholder
- [Fixed] Bug on advertising page placeholder
- [Fixed] Bug on post likes display modal window placeholder text
- [Fixed] Bug with a verification icon on posts in the mobile browser
- [Fixed] Bug with links in messages
- [Fixed] Other white minor bugs

v1.3.2 (28 March 2022)

- [Fixed]  Bugs of previous version (v1.3.1)

v1.3.1 (25 March 2022)

- [Suspend] Temporarily suspended RTL support
- [Added] additional payment gateways (Stripe, Paystack, AliPay)
- [Added] ability to add your city in profile settings
- [Added] ability to see is or your follower
- [Added] ability see shared followers between two users
- [Added] new options to user gender
- [Added] ability to disable the swift system from the admin panel
- [Added] ability to disable email notifications from the admin panel
- [Fixed] bug with storing the selected language
- [Fixed] bug with the generation of extra sitemaps
- [Fixed] bug with a negative number of followers

v1.2.9 (23 Nov 2021)

- [Fixed]  Bugs of previous version (v1.2.7)

v1.2.8 (22 Nov 2021)

- [Added] E-mail notifications system
- [Added] Google ReCaptcha
- [Added] User verification option for Admin
- [Added] User wallet editing option for Admin
- [Added] Share to WhatsApp option
- [Added] Share to telegram option
- [Improved] Admin panel
- [Improved] Removed unnecessary libraries
- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs.

v1.2.7 (11 Sep 2021)

- [Added] Option to disable user registration system
- [Added] Option to disable the cookie warning window
- [Added] Registration of the invited user
- [Added] Option to manage UI languages in the admin panel
- [Added] Arabic language
- [Added] RTL languages support
- [Improved] Admin panel
- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs

v1.2.6 (02 Sep 2021)

- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs

v1.2.5 (01 Sep 2021)

- [Added] UI display color manager
- [Added] Ability to change the position of the currency symbol
- [Added] Ability to change the minimum deposit amount
- [Added] Mobile app download links in footer
- [Added] Possibility to change the minimum amount of the withdrawal request
- [Added] New sidebar design
- [Fixed] Removed @ from username
- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs
- [Fixed] Mobile Google Chrome images loading issue
- [Improved] Mobile Google Chrome images loading issue
- The kernel of the system has been improved, unnecessary components have been removed, the loading speed has been increased, a lot of changes have been made to the kernel to further improve the quality of the system and simplify the implementation of new functions

v1.2.4 (29 July 2021)

- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs

v1.2.3 (24 July 2021)

- [Added] Cookies alert
- [Fixed] Removed sidebar movement when scrolling
- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs

v1.2.2 (06 July 2021)

- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs

v1.2.1 (28 June 2021)

- [Added] Amazon S3 storage (Admin panel)
- [Added] Media upload limit (Admin panel)
- [Added] Ability to add multiple admins (Admin panel)
- [Added] Header top fix on page scroll
- [Added] E-mail verification system
- [Added] Username hover popoever
- [Added] Voice recorder in the posts section
- [Added] Auto detect user language (Guest page)
- [Added] API endpoints
- [Added] Many improvements in the core of the system
- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs

v1.2.0 (23 May 2021)

- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs

v1.1.9 (22 May 2021)

- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs

v1.1.8 (21 May 2021)

- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs

v1.1.7 (20 May 2021)

- [Improved] Emoji system
- [Improved] Design
- [Added] Mention of autocomplete
- [Added] Hashtags of autocomplete
- [Updated] Admin panel (Added page update interverl settings)
- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs
- And more minor improvements in the system

v1.1.6 (02 May 2021)

- [Updated] API
- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs

V1.1.5 (28 March 2021)

- [Updated] API
- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs
- And more minor improvements in the system

V1.1.4 (02 March 2021)

- [Added] Approval system for user ads
- [Updated] Script docs
- [Updated] API
- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs
- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs
- And more minor improvements in the system

V1.1.3 (24 Feb 2021)

- [Added] Google Ads System for Admin
- [Updated] API
- [Added] oAuth login disable/enable system
- [Added] New welcome page
- [Added] Registration start up system
- [Added] Publication reporting system
- [Added] Live homepage feed updating system
- [Added] Post soft hidding system
- [Added] And also many other improvements in the admin panel and in the core of the script
- [Fixed] Follower counting errors after blocking
- [Fixed] Thumbnail error for short videos
- [Fixed] Bug with Timezone
- [Added] Ability to view avatar and profile cover in lightbox

V1.1.2 (07 Feb 2021)

- [Fixed] Bugs with image orientation uploaded from the camera
- [Fixed] Bugs with uploading files and freezing the upload slider
- [Fixed] Shortcomings with dark theme on mobile and web devices

V1.1.1 (03 Feb 2021)

- [Added] The ability to switch UI themes from admin panel (if any)
- [Added] The ability to play Vimeo videos without leaving the page
- [Added] Google Maps URL lightbox preview (embed in iFrame)
- [Improved] Links (URLs) preview system
- [Fixed] Bugs dark theme on login page
- [Improved] Some more kernel improvements to stabilize the system

V1.0.9 (22 Jan 2021)

- [Added] The ability to play YouTube videos without leaving the page
- [Added] Ability to edit language texts, without losing changes when updating
- [Updated] script documentation
- [Fixed] bugs with user blocking
- [Fixed] bugs dark theme
- [Fixed] bugs with user removal system

V1.0.8 (04 Jan 2021)

- [Added] Controlling the length of post characters from the admin panel (600 / or arbitrary)
- [Added] System of notification settings
- [Added] API endpoints
- [Enabled] Login with username
- [Added] Dark / light theme mode
- [Added] Profile privacy (Who can see profile)
- [Improved] Post OG data system
- [Added] Post privacy (Who can reply)
- [Added] Polls system
- [Added] Video lightbox system
- [Added] Swifts system (User stories system)
- [Added] Admin ads management system
- [Added] Ad page view system (For admin)
- [Added] Follow privacy system (Who can follow me)
- [Added] GDRP system (Import my information)
- [Improved] Pages loading speed
- [Improved] Improved interface design
- [Fixed] Previous bugs
- And many more improvements in the core of the script and improved system quality

V1.0.6 (18 SEPTEMBER 2020)

- [Added] SPA loading system (No hard refreshes anyomore)
- [Added] Ads system
- [Added] Affiliate system
- [Added] User wallet system
- [Added] User reporting system
- [Added] User block/unblock system
- [Added] Link OG data fetching system
- [Added] Media uploading progress bar system
- [Added] Emoji support to the chat system (Only for desktop browsers)
- [Improved] Post-media preloaders
- [Improved] Post #htags displaying system
- [Improved] User follow suggestion system
- [Fixed] Issue with domains (www)
- [Fixed] Issue with links to post on social media (Facebook, etc.)
- [Fixed] Other minor issues with the script

V1.0.5 (22 JULY 2020)

- [Added] User verification system
- [Added] Registration confirmation system
- [Added] User ban by admin system
- [Added] User privacy system
- [Added] Welcome page for guests
- [Added] Media files (Images, Videos) lazy loading system
- [Added] Sitemap creation system
- [Fixed] Previous several minor bugs

V1.0.4 (29 JUNE 2020)

- [Fixed] Previous several minor bugs (URLs in posts, image extentions support, etc..)

V1.0.3 (15 JUNE 2020)

- [Feature] function for changing the username specified during registration
- [Fixed] bug with drop-down menu on profile settings page
- [Fixed] bug with pop-up message on the home page
- [Fixed] bug with function of display language for the user

V1.0.2 (11 JUNE 2020)

- [Fixed] bug with user gender difference (His/Her) In timeline
- [Fixed] bug with dropdown menu For mobile devices
- [Fixed] bug moving cover on user profile page

V1.0.1 (30 MAY 2020)

- [Fixed] Previous several important bugs

V1.0.0 (21 MAY 2020)

- Version 1.0.0 released on 21 May 2020.