First of all, I want to thank you for purchasing and supporting this product.

By creating this script and developing it, we put our soul into every line of code and our main priority is the quality of the product in all directions.

This documentation will help you to easily install ColibriSM on your server, as well as quickly answer the frequently asked questions of ColibriSM clients.


Uploading files to your server

To install ColibriSM, first of all you need to upload the files that are in the ColibriSM folder to your server.

This can be your live server or local server, but the fact is that you need to upload all script files including folders to the root directory of the HTTP server. Mostly this directory is called public_html

The contents of the folder with the main script files look like below:


Now upload everything (Including hidden files like .htaccess) to your server's root folder as mentioned above and then open the following link in your browser:

Let's start installation

After you have done the previous steps you should see the script installer as shown below

ColibriSM requirements

Before we start the installation, make sure you have the following extensions installed on your server.

  1. MySQLi Extension
  2. PHP 7.2.x +
  3. GD Library
  4. PHP MB-string
  5. PHP Zip
  6. cURL Module

After you have checked all the ColibriSM requirements that are listed above are present in your server, click continue and go to the last stage of the installation, as shown below

DB credentials & Site data

Now you need to fill this form with the following data before starting the installation process

  1. SQL Host name: Your MySQL host name, e.g: localhost
  2. SQL Username: Your MySQL username
  3. SQL Password: Your MySQL user password
  4. SQL Database: Your MySQL database name
  5. Site URL: Your website URL address with which your site will work
  6. Site Name: Your site name, max 32 characters. E.g ColibriSM
  7. Site Title: Your site title, max 55 characters
  8. Site E-mail: Your site email address. E.g. etc
  9. Admin Password: Choose your admin password

After you fill out the form with the data, click install button and wait until the installation process is complete without leaving the page. Please note that the installation process may take several minutes.

Installation completed

After successful completion of the installation, you will receive an installation completed message as shown below.

Important for Nginx HTTP server

Please pay attention to this note if you are using Nginx HTTP server for your ColibriSM script.

Follow these steps to set up your nginx server to work with the rewrite module:

  1. Open the main config-file of your server nginx.conf, it is mainly located in: /etc/nginx/nginx.conf
  2. Open the root directory of the ColibriSM script, you should be able to find this file nginx.conf
  1. Open the located file and copy its contents to the main config-file file of your server. I.E. /etc/nginx/nginx.conf
  2. Once you do, save /etc/nginx/nginx.conf fine and restart your Nginx server
What is next?

If you did everything as above, then your site should be installed and ready to go, but before that you need
to configure the Mail/SMTP system without which your script will not work correctly

It is very easy to do this. All you need to do is add your SMTP server credentials which is provided to you by your hosting.

  1. Login to your site
  2. Open admin panel: http(s)://
  3. Go to SMTP setting page
  4. Fill out the form with your SMTP credentials & Save changes
Important! Remove ColibriSM installer!

Your site is now installed and ready to go, congratulations.
However, it is very important to remove the script installer, so you need to delete the install folder which is located in the root directory of your installed script.

You must delete the folder with all contents, otherwise your site may be hacked by intruders.


Social login (oAuth)

How to set up a login through social networks

ColibriSM currently (v1.3.1) supports (8) options for login via social networks, and of course this list will grow in the future with popular social login methods.

  1. Twitter (Requres API keys) - Callback URL: http(s)://
  2. Google (Requres API keys) - Callback URL: http(s)://
  3. Facebook (Requres API keys) - Callback URL: http(s)://

To configure these options so that your users can log in through them, you need to add API keys for each option if it is enabled. Just go to the admin panel of your script and go to the page: oAuth login


F.A.Qs & Troubleshooting

Basic questions about ColibriSM script

Login to the site using your credentials, that is, the email and password that you specified during installation, and then visit http(s)://

ColibriSM does not use any types of frameworks, the script is full pure PHP code, with the exception of third-party libraries SDK and other

There is no specified date for every new update. Developers do this at their discretion, but ColibriSM is regularly updated and improved.

We don't have a particular preference for choosing a host for this script, the main thing is that the hosting supports all the necessary requirements for this script that are mentioned during installation.

If you do not understand hosting at all, then we recommend that you choose one of (Godaddy, Hostwinds, Bluehost)

It depends on the type of license you have purchased.
There are two types of licenses for this script, Regular license & Extended license

Please check Envato Help Page for more information about licenses
ColibriSM common Troubleshooting & Solutions

First of all, you need to know that this error is not related to the script, since this is a server error and it was caused due to problems on the server and not on the script.

This may cuase due folder permissions error, Web server issue, please contact your host provider and let them fix it for you.

1. Please make sure that the .htaccess file is uploaded to your server and updated to latest version.

2. If the file is exists, but you still face this issue, please contact your host provide, and let them enable mod_rewrite.

3. If you are using a VPS with Ubuntu Linux installed, please follow this guide.

If you are getting an error when uploading a image or video, then there may be several reasons:

  1. The upload folder has no write rights. Just chmod it to 666
  2. Your disk storage limit on the server has been reached.
  3. The file you are uploading exceeds the limit specified in the PHP settings.
    Increase upload_max_filesize & post_max_size values in main php.ini file of your server
  4. The file format you are uploading is not supported by the ColibriSM script

The fact is that this script has its own ffmpeg that comes with this script, and it is this system that generates images from videos.

A video may load but not have a preview, and this is due to the following reasons:

  1. The (core/libs/ffmpeg/ffmpeg) file has no rights for execution. Just chmod it to 555
  2. The PHP exec() function is disabled by your hosting provider. Just enable it

Sometimes it happens, so you have a system (FFMPEG) installed on your server and it conflicts
with the one that comes with this script, it crashes, in such case we recommend that you use the one that is installed on your server. You can specify the path to the binary file in the Admin panel -> Settings -> FFMPEG binary. As shown below


If your server already has system (FFMPEG) installed as we said, then just specify the path to it in this field

You need to set up your script's SMTP after script installation so that your script can send email to your users for different purposes.

  1. Login to your site as Admin
  2. Go to Admin panel page
  3. Open SMTP settings page
  4. Fill this with your SMTP server credentials

Please note that if you use a third party server such as Google SMTP or something like that, then in most cases your script will not work, i.e. it will not send emails. Therefore, you need to use the smtp server that is provided to you by your hosting


This problem occurs due to the SMTP settings, for example, the wrong port number or the type of encryption.
After making sure that your SMTP credentials as hostname username and password are correct, try the following options

  1. Try using TLS with 587
  2. Or try SSL with 465

If your SMTP still doesn't work, please contact us for technical support

ColibriSM features & Script customization

All texts of the site's languages are located in core/langs special json files in the very core of the script.


Open the file with the name of the language you want to edit. For example english.json

We find there the text that we want to change, for example (Login) to (Sign in)

Copy the key and value "login": "Login" and go to the folder core/langs/custom and open a file there with the corresponding language name that we want to change, in our case it was english.json

We remove if there is a comment and put the key and the value in the same format as shown below:


However, keep in mind that the keys must match the originals exactly, and when editing text, do not remove special expressions like {@some_value@}

All HTML code and most of the JS code are in filename.phtml files grouped and separately for each page of this script.

Open folder in themes/default/apps and you will see folders named according to script pages

For example, you want to change the html code of the homepage, then you need to open the file: themes/default/app/home

  1. content.phtml Main file that contains the page (HTML) code
  2. scripts/app_master_script.phtml JS file that contains the page (JS/VueJS) code

Thus, you can edit all other pages of the Colibrism script if you clearly understand what you are doing and have sufficient competence in this matter.

We use CSS preprocessors like SCSS to generate styles for this script. All SCSS style files are located in the folder: themes/default/statics/scss

After you have added your changes to the SCSS code, you need to compile all the code to CSS. For example, you can use the console command from themes/default/statics/scss/scss-watch file to run the SCSS compiler which must first be installed on your PC/Server machine.

Also, after making changes, sometimes they are not displayed in the browser due to the cache. You need to clear your browser cache to see your changes.

You can change the logo and favicon via the admin panel. Go to the admin and then to the Settiings section. On this page you will be able to upload your new logo and favicon

Recommended logo size is 512x512 pixels


To edit the (About us) page, open the following file: themes/default/apps/about_us/src/source.phtml and paste the previously created HTML content of this page into it, and then save!

To edit the (Terms of Use) page, open the following file: themes/default/apps/terms/src/source.phtml and paste the previously created HTML content of this page into it, and then save!

To edit the (Privacy policy) page, open the following file: themes/default/apps/privacy_policy/src/source.phtml and paste the previously created HTML content of this page into it, and then save!

To edit the (Cookies) page, open the following file: themes/default/apps/cookies_policy/src/source.phtml and paste the previously created HTML content of this page into it, and then save!

To edit the (F.A.Qs) page, open the following file: themes/default/apps/faqs/src/source.phtml and paste the previously created HTML content of this page into it, and then save!

This editing method was chosen by the author, because. HTML markup can sometimes be unpredictably huge, so experience has shown that storing huge pages in the database, and even encoded ones, is not the best option.

If the advertising system is enabled, then users can create their own ads and run them. An ad conversion is a Click of user on the target link of the ad itself.

Ads from users will appear between posts at a certain interval. An example is shown below:


For each user conversion, the advertiser will be charged money that the administrator can define in the admin panel. It is important to note that ads will not be shown if the user's wallet does not have sufficient funds.

It is also very important to note that this advertising system is not targeted advertising.

If the affiliate program system is enabled, then users can make money by attracting users to your site.

  1. A user shares a link to your site that includes a user ID. E.g.
  2. A person follows the link and registers on your site.
  3. And as a result, the referral user receives a bonus, which by default is $0.10
  4. And finally, the user can withdraw their earned money to the PayPal account

It is very important to note that the affiliate program will only work if the user sign-up confirmation system is enabled

ColibriSM PWA Setup

1. Open manifest.json file and replace “name” and “short_name” with your social network name.

2. The next step is to replace the application icon that is in this path: themes/default/statics/img/pwa-icon-512x512.png

3. Icon size must be 512x512 pixels


This icon will be displayed on the user's phone after installing the application, just like the icon of other applications.

It is important that you do not change anything else from this configuration file unless you are 100% sure what you are doing.

Once you complete all of the above steps, your site will be PVA enabled, allowing your users to install it on any device, both desktop and mobile.

HTTPS / SSL Security

How can I install a SSL?

After you bought and configured your web server to use ssl certificat, go to core/settings.php file, find:
$site_url = "http://YOUR-SITE.COM"; and replace URL from http to https version.

Please note that you need to switch your domain to HTTPS version in the c-panel of your hosting account.
You can always contact your hosting support team to tell you how to do it.

How can I redirect (force) my website to use a SSL version?

Some hosting providers have a function that forces all requests to be redirected to the secure HTTPS protocol. However, you can make this setup yourself as shown below.

1. Force Apache server to HTTPS version

In the root directory of your website there is a file called: .htaccess

Open it and uncomment the code shown below. This option will only work with the Apache web server.

# RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
# RewriteCond %{HTTP:X-Forwarded-Proto} !https
# RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

2. Force Nginx server to HTTPS version

With the Nginx server, this setting needs to be done in a slightly different way. You need to open the main Nginx config file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf
And then add the following line of code to this file:

return 301 https://$host$request_uri;

If you find it something difficult to do, please contact your hosting provider, and they will do it for you easily.

Script update

Ho to update my ColibriSM website?

If you have missed one or two or v1.x.x updates, and you want to update your site to latest version, you have to update your site version by version manually.

E.g. Before applying the latest updates to your site, you need to install previous updates, or rather, all versions of the update, from your current version to the latest version.

For example, your current version is: (v1.0), and the latest version of the script is: (v1.0.4), in such cases, you must install these previous versions (v1.0.1, v1.0.2, v1.0.3), before installing the latest version v1.0.4

If you did everything as described above, then before starting the update, download the latest version of the script from here: CodeCanyon - Downloads

Once you have downloaded the latest version of the script, unzip it and you can find the update files in Updates folder, as shown below:


Open the folder with the update you want to install and upload to the root folder of your script on your server and overwrite all files (Select all, files and folders, .htaccess also) that are in the update folder that you chose to install

Once the files are uploaded and overwritten, open and run

If you do everything carefully, as described above, then your script will be successfully updated without any problems. However, if you have any problems with updates, then contact us for technical support:

Customers support

I have a problem for which here is no answer, what to do?

If you need support, or if you're facing any problems, please E-mail us at Please note that our respond can take up to 2 business days.

Please do not forget to attach a purchasecode to your message, otherwise technical support will ignore your request

What does the support include?

You can contact our support center with the following questions.

  1. Technical questions about ColibriSM features
  2. Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  3. Help with included 3rd party assets. E.g. (Social Login, etc.)

Please note that all requests other than those listed below will be ignored.


Envato Extended & Regular License

ColibriSM is made by Mansur Terla under CodeCanyon (Regular & Rxtended) License.